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Most magazine Publishing companies have their own photographers. But since these individuals cannot always be there to take that perfect shot, it gets the services of freelance photographers. Can you submit your own pictures? The answer is yes as long as you follow certain guidelines.

First, you cannot submit photographs that have already been printed. This is because before it is sent to the printers, their digital team will clean up the picture. The best thing to do will be to send your images in a CD-Rom.

Pictures that are submitted must be in the correct pixel size and resolution. This will enable the magazine publication to see your images regardless of the operating system they use. You have to remember that although a lot of people use Microsoft Windows, some companies have shifted to Linux while others use Apple’s Mac.

If the pictures you took are for example 72dpi and what they want should be in 300dpi, invest in software that can do the job.

Images can be saved in different formats. The three most common are jpg, gif and png. The one that is compatible regardless of the operating system used is the JPG format.

Whenever you submit images, make sure to include your name, address and synopsis of the contents of the CD.  A simple way of doing this is with Photoshop. You simply go to file, automate and then lastly go to contact sheet. Once there, find the folders where your images are, pick the paper size and the number of images on each sheet of paper.

Keep in mind that someone will be reviewing your work so don’t make these very small because this is a huge turnoff. Also, stick a DO NOT LABEL sign on the envelope as the CD you will be sending could get damaged during transit.

If you want to get the CD back after submitting it to the magazine publication, make sure to enclose the return postage otherwise, this will already become their property.

Should there be a date and time on each photograph, turn it off because those who will be viewing it do not have the time to do that.

For any other concerns you may have regarding the guidelines in submitting photographs, shoot them an email or give them a call.

Aside from following the guidelines, there are a few things you should never do when submitting images. You must never email huge unsolicited images. If the magazine publication is asking for images concerning a certain topic, only send those that are relevant.  

If you think it will be smarter to send the memory card from your camera, don’t because you have to submit this to them in the format that they require. In most cases, in a CD-Rom. To ensure the quality of the images sent, don’t use a cheap CD.

There is a limit to how many images can be stored in a CD-Rom. In order to maximize it, only send the best ones to the magazine publication. When these are being sent, do not use 3rd party software as this may not be compatible with what they are using.

Submitting your own pictures to a magazine Publishing could be your stepping stone in landing a full time job working for them. So if you have something to share, try it out and see what happens next.

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