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As business owners or managers we often find it difficult, even in the best of situations to get out and seek new business. You've probably thought that if you could just find a way to squeeze that into your day without spending more time away from your family or working weekends, you'd be all set, right? Guess what? You can and all that it's going to take is a little preparation. 1. Keep a box of business cards in your car. That way, you can always keep a stack of cards in your wallet or business card holder.

  • The next time you go out to eat, leave a card on the table when you leave.
  • Drop a business card in each bill you mail out.,/li>
  • When you're at the book store, slip your card into some of the books related to your industry. Be sure to put them near the middle of the book so they don't fall out when someone is casually flipping through.
  • Place a card rack full of your business cards on the counter of your dry cleaner. Most of them are more than happy to help out a good customer.
  • Give each friend a stack of your business cards to hand out.

2. Make a goal of meeting at least one new person each day. If you overhear someone mention your industry or a hobby of yours, make a point to introduce yourself. Start a conversation while you're waiting in line at the bank or the Office Depot. You may never see or even talk to these people again, but chances are good that you will. 3. Never eat alone. You have to eat and so does everyone else, so why not use that time to catch up with friends and associates? There are a few benefits for both of you here.

  • You can keep in touch with people without taking a lot of time out of your work day.
  • By interacting with people that you enjoy being in the company of, your stress levels will go down.
  • Your name stays at the front of their minds - great for referrals!

4. Network in one non-work related organization. It can be anything - a baseball team, a church or charity, a community group - pretty much anything. The idea is to have the ability to network without the usual competition that you would face in a Chamber of Commerce or other business related organization. If you don't currently participate in something that's not related to work you should seriously consider it. It will help you create a balance between your work and your personal life while opening up a channel for new business.

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