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If you've been online for a while, either as an internet user searching for information or an online business owner, you might have seen the ups and downs of netpreneurs.

You may also, for some extends, get frustrated by the result of your online activities. Especially if you are an online business owner. You just don't see any substantial growth of your online business.

What went wrong? You might think. You've bought all the manuals. You've followed all the how tos. You've set up all the necessary softwares.

You start to think about being cheated by those so called 'experts'. You become afraid of failure in pursuing online business success. You start to think to just quit.

But, don't quit!

What you might've missed was proper strategy you should've built to make your online business grow. What you've done was just tactics. You checked emails. You searched for resale rights products, you hunted for affiliate programs, you submitted you website urls, you wrote articles, you submitted articles, etc. All those activities consumed your time. You never have the time to rethink your strategy at the first place.

Your strategy is your guided approach and principle toward your goals and vision. If you have not got vision, you're doomed!

When you've set your vision and goals, it's easier to develop you online strategy and outsource most of you online tasks.

Here are 5 reasons why you should outsource your online tasks:

1. When you set you vision and goals, it is then easier to value your time. By outsourcing you reduce the amount of time you might have wasted.

2. You need to speed up your process to see result. By outsourcing you eliminate the hassle of doing-it-all by yourself that may drag you off.

3. You need to increase your productivity. You only have 24 hours a day. No more. The most productive activities need the most of your time. You're investing your time by outsourcing the most repetitive time consuming tasks.

4. Sometimes you just need an expert to do your tasks. You don't have time to learn all the techie things. You just waste your time learning HTML or PHP just to make your site ups and running. Scripting, creating logo, submitting articles are tasks that should be outsourced.

5. Outsourcing clears up your thinking and makes you more concentrate on developing your online business strategy.

The next thing you should consider is where to outsource your tasks. You have to be careful in choosing your outsource partners.

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