How to Create Lucrative Websites?

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How to Create Lucrative Websites?

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Your website should look professional, but doesn’t need to be fancy.  You can make a great web page using a simple program like Microsoft FrontPage.  Enlist the services of a trainer to get you started in Front Page.  Don’t waste your time creating websites with flash and numerous options.  The main desire of customers is to find the information they need as quickly as possible.  So keep your website clean and simple.

You can find a freelance website designer to create your website from freelance sources such as and  Another option is to buy a website from eBay.  You can also purchase a website template.

Your website should engage in a link strategy.  What is a link strategy?  A link strategy involves how you handle inbound links that come into your website and outbound links that go to other websites.  You have to verify that you have a proper link strategy or you are shooting yourself in the foot.  Why?  If the inbound links don’t have keywords in the links then the Internet won’t pick up the inbound link as valuable.  The best inbound link you can have is one that comes for a website with a high page rank on Google.

Your website should also have a directory strategy.  A directory has a real, live person that evaluates your website instead of a computerized system like Google.  Directories tend to be in alphabetical order.  Therefore, your website name should start with the letter “A” if possible.  This trick only works in directories and not in search engines like Google.  

You should also investigate pay-per-click (PPC) search engines.  Create a pay-per-click advertisement.  Pay-per-click advertisements yield targeted traffic to your website in just a few hours.  Make sure that your advertisement is very specific.  The reason that you want to tailor the type of people that click on your advertisement is because every time someone clicks on your advertisement, you have to pay a fee.

Other helpful tips for your website include creating modal pop-ups to advertise.  Modal pop-ups are a special type of pop-up that are less likely to be blocked.  Also don’t forget to reel your customer back in with effective exit strategies.  Exiting strategies include:  finance options, a thank you page and a referral page.

These are several website tips to get you started.  These tips are the choices of several Internet millionaires and are proven to help every Internet business.

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