How To Design Your Site Effectively

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You decide you want to have a web presence. How do you design your website in a way that is effective? How do you effectively create website in a way that makes your clients want to come back? A client or visitor to your website may not want to come back if their experience on your website is tedious and cumbersome. Here are some tips to keep in mind when designing your website:

- Don't use a lot of animated graphics. In fact, don't use any at all because it makes the site look unprofessional.

- Don't use frames to design your website. You will be in for a lot of code redundancy and it causes the page to load slower.

- Use graphics at the lowest density possible. This allows the page to load faster.

- Try to get most of the content on one page preventing the user from having to scroll down to get the important information that your first page needs to prevent.

- Use links to navigate to the various sections of the site at the top, side, and bottom. Doing this allows a visitor can get to anywhere in the site from anywhere in the site.

- Always have link to get back to the home page on every page of the site.

- Use tables to lay out the sections on the site. This way, when one adjusts the size of the browser window, it does not alter the positioning of the paragraphs or sections on the page.

- Use headers and footers common to all pages and include that header or footer each time a new page is rendered. This way, if you have to change header or footer information, you only have to change it once.

- Use a white background for the main content of your page. The reason is that it looks much more professional and it is easier to read.

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