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1.  Get Specific
Nothing can spell out BORING quicker than bland claims that really say nothing.  "My clients make more money!"  is a perfect example of poor copy that could use a little life.  What happens when you change it to, "My clients increased their sales by 23.5% in the first 30 days!"  Now that is kicking!  It's specific and exciting.

Be sure that your claims sound believable, no matter how unbelievable they are.  People are skeptical of "too good to be true" claims.  It's better to tone it down, and let them be surprised when it exceeds their expectation.  

2.  Keep It Short and Sweet
Long paragraphs and complex sentences look too much like work to read.  Yeah, readers get bored quickly and easily.  Chop it up, and break it up.  Don't use paragraphs of more than 7 lines or sentences longer that 18 words.  Find ways to shorten it up, and you'll keep the readers attention.

How many long words are in your copy?  Replace them with short common words to create a reader-friendly appeal.  Let your copy speak to them in the language they are used to hearing.  Well, if  your readers don't like to spend a lot of time reading... it pays to choose your words carefully.

3.  Keep it Active
Eliminate dull passive phrases.  They do little, except bore the heck out of your readers.  Dig them out and replace them highly active words that will motivate the reader to get up out of his easy chair and DO something.

The call to action is the most important part of any advertisment.  Call, subscribe, join, order, buy... make them hear the call loud enough that they do something - NOW.

4.  Skip the Humor
In the right place, and at the right time, humor is an effective tool.  Written sales copy just isn't it.  Ads are short, concise and to the point.  Humor tends to get in the way and distract.

Real life stories captivate readers.  They relate to them.  The human interest of these stories draws the reader into the message, whereas humor distracts them for the point.

5.  Us A Powerful P.S.
A P.S. can be a powerful way to emphasize your product, highlight the points of benefit, or dramatize effects of the purchase.  It's the perfect way to summarize your page.

The P.S. is most powerful on Web pages.  Surfers often read the headlines and skim to the P.S. where they look to get an idea of what's on the page, and if it's worth their time to read it.  Put some effort into making your P.S. captivating.

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