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If you are a loan officer or mortgage broker, you may be on the market for mortgage leads. If you have no interest in sharing these mortgage leads with anyone else, you may want to consider buying them exclusively.

If you decide to buy your leads exclusively, you can plan on paying a bit more for them. As opposed to buying old or recycled leads in bulk or at two dollars a lead.

An exclusive mortgage lead should not only be exclusive to you and you only, it should be sold to you in real time.

A real time exclusive mortgage lead is one that is delivered to you within seconds of the applicant filling out the on-line application.

If a real time mortgage lead is any older than a couple of hours, it can hardly be called real time, let alone exclusive.

My suggestion to you if you are considering buying exclusive mortgage leads would be to take your time and research the mortgage lead companies you are thinking about investing your money in.

Remember, you work hard for your money, so make sure the mortgage lead company you invest in will get you a return on your investment.

Be sure to call the mortgage lead company and speak with a live person.

Ask the customer service representative where they obtain their leads, and how they are delivered. Also, ask what the time frame is between the potential customer filling out the online form and you receiving it.

If the answers do not live up to your expectations of what real time exclusive mortgage leads should be, than move onto the next mortgage lead company.

Keep searching until you find the mortgage lead company that guarantees they will sell the lead to only you, and that they will deliver it promptly. If they can’t have it at your e-mails door step within seconds of receiving it, than keep searching until you find the company that will. Your time and money will be well spent, trust me.

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