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How to find leads for my business?

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Leads refer to people who have the potential to add to the sales or become part of the entrepreneur’s network of sales people.  For many home businesses, the constant flow of leads greatly increases success, especially if the nature of marketing is multi-level.  Without generating leads, the entrepreneur will not increase his commissions and sales.

Thus, it is important for a home business entrepreneur to find leads.  Some of them get stumped on where to find leads.  When they keep hitting a blank wall, their sales go down.  And some simply give up the home business, throwing away the invested capital and time.

There is no 100% absolute positive method of getting good leads.  But there are ways of generating leads that have been known to provide additional sales and recruits to the home business entrepreneur.  Here are three of the most popular methods of finding leads.

·Buying leads from the industry

The chosen industry of the home business may be in the area of health and wellness, or personal care and grooming, or E-commerce.  Whichever industry it will be, there are companies that have lists of leads for it.  These companies specialize in procuring lists of leads which are sold to entrepreneurs involved in multi-level marketing.

The cost of one lead may range between one to five dollars.  Newly acquired leads are more expensive than old leads.  Leads that have more information are worth more than leads with scarce information.

The usual data that accompany a lead are the following:
-    Full name or legal name
-    Address (usually the current address)
-    Contact number (usually the conventional telephone number)
-    Email address

Some companies include their estimate on how much the client is interested in a particular industry.  The entrepreneur must be certain that the leads come from a reputable company.

·Getting leads from the Internet

Leads may come from the Internet.  There are ads in the Internet that offer certain free items, called freebies, if a person will just fill up a form.  The information from these forms are collected and then sold to companies who wanted to find people interested in their industries.  

The downside to this is that the persons filling up the form may be children using the name of their parents.  Thus, the preferred industries clicked do not reflect good choices.  This is why leads obtained from the Internet are less credible.

The home business entrepreneur must be certain that the leads are new and, if possible, he is the only one who has access to these leads.  But most of the time, other home businesses also tap into this certain information.  Thus, being prompt in contacting the leads is vital.


Every city has its own business networking organizations. The bigger is the city, the more network groups.  These groups can be contacted through the city or state economic development departments, the Chamber of Commerce, and several private economic organizations.

The entrepreneur must also look into newspapers for announcements of meetings of different organizations, clubs, and interest groups.  Then, he should actively participate in network groups which interests are closely related to his home business industry.

A home business entrepreneur may use any of the above methods in finding leads.   Then he must follow-up his prospects for several times.  If there are questions, clarifications, and even objections given by a prospect, the entrepreneur must be ready with answers.  All these may be just what he needs to increase his sales and recruitment.

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