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How Your Home Business Can Get Fortune 500 Clients... That Pay You A Fortune?

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If you are working from home, you can and should set your sights on doing business with the largest companies in the world.

We currently do business with a realty company and have inquiries from a brand name technology company and two oil companies. All of them are in the Fortune 500 - and we work from home - in a home office. At we practice what we preach!

In our particular case we are providing software to these companies but whatever it is that you do, or are planning to do, you could be providing products or services to these billion dollar juggernauts.

You might think that what you have to offer would not be of interest to a large company and that it would be difficult to get the business, but you'd be wrong. Getting work from a F500 company is as easy as getting business from any other company or individual. It sounds simplistic but it's true.

We know a woman that provides a consulting service and is currently under contract with one of the largest universities in the country, if not the world. She does much of the work from her home office. Have a look at her site at to see just one of the services she provides.

You might think that you *have* to know someone high up in the organization to get the gig but once again you would be wrong. Only one of our contacts came about that way, the others came through our websites! Of course you will need to talk with a person that has the authority to purchase, but you'd be surprised the number of people that can be in a large organization.

Here are are some basic facts:

Fact: A big company needs products and services just like a small company. If you have what they need, then they will be happy doing business with you.

Fact: You can charge more for the same service when dealing with these ultra large companies, in fact they expect it! If you price your products or services too low they may not do business with you. They are used to paying premium prices for premium services - the kind you supply!

Fact: Just like any relationship, who you know can count. Look at your degrees of separation from the company you want to work with and see if anyone you know, knows someone that works there. If not, see if someone you know, knows someone, that knows someone that works there. The first step is to get in the door and talk to them, only then can you find out if your product or service is what they need.

Fact: Big companies are screwed up! Many large corporations are still in business simply because they have huge cash flow and can afford to make many mistakes without it seriously impacting the bottom line. If you feel intimidated by doing business with these guy just remember, your business is probably better run and more efficient than theirs!

Steps to Take:

The simple steps to doing business with Fortune 500 companies is to first do your research, find out about the company, what they do and how your product or service could benefit them.

Next, locate the person or title that would be appropriate for what you are selling, then either through personal contact, degrees of separation or research, find out how to get hold of that person and to make your pitch.

After that, it's up to how good a job you do selling your home business services to the biggest companies in the world.

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