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The Easy Way To Kill Your On-Line Business!

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Posted by PerfumedNecromancer
A lot of websites floating around today have missed their chances of success at on-line business. When we take a look at the search results for any topic we need, many of the results that crop up do not even remotely seem to be professional. All of these are aimed to catch your eye with graphics, animations and the works. Organization, Navigation and aesthetics have gone for a toss.

How in the world do these websites intend to make or expect a sale? If a company does not take care and pride in its website, it would be wrong to assume that they take care and pride in providing products or services. Graphics do not make sales, far from it they minimize the chances of a sale and drive the visitors away due to the confusion and slow loading times.

The website that you conduct your business on is a direct reflection of your personality and your business. The appearance counts on all fronts – professionalism, content, organization and value of products and services. Aesthetics have a value, never bypass them.

Content is the most important consideration. Content should have value and links should be relevant. When a visitor visits to your site, the objective of his visit should be fulfilled. If not, the visitor moves on to the next and may never come back. If you want that the visitors stay at your site and come back to it always provide quality content and keep changing it every now and then. Give the visitor a reason.

Do what you may to succeed but never commit the following sins if you want to succeed in your online endeavors. You website should not have:

• Vague and irrelevant content
• Slow loading times
• Errors in Spelling and Grammar
• Unprofessional appearance
• Missing contact information
• Confusing navigation
• Too many animated graphics
• Long pages to scroll
• Distracting and bright backgrounds
• Too many banners and frames
• Extra large fonts
• Unevenly balanced pages
• Psychedelic and multi-colored text
• Missing Meta tags
• Too many fonts
• Signs showing “Under construction”
• Too many “mouse over effects”

Designing a professional website is a time consuming process – take your time but do it right.

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