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Money Making Affiliate Marketing Tips

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in Articles by HuggingDuck
Affiliate marketing is an excellent way for the internet entrepreneur to earn income – it requires no stocking of products, no shipping, no handling of returns, no credit card processing, etc. But sometimes it can be hard to make money as an affiliate marketer, because the competition can be pretty stiff. Here are some tips to help you stand out from the crowd of competition.

Tip 1 – Content is King
If there is an overused cliché in internet marketing, it's probably “Content is King”. But it is true. If you want to stand out from the other affiliate marketers selling the same products you are, you have to give your visitors something that the other websites do not.

For example, you might do a detailed comparison of two similar products, with links to buy each. Or you might create a custom script to help buyers find the product that meets their selected criteria.

You could also have a “deal finder” option that would search for the best deals on a product from several stores, similar to and similar sites.

Tip 2 – Play both sides of the field
As an affiliate marketer, it's to your advantage to sell competing brands – you can give your customers better selection, an unbiased position, etc. You can also join an affiliate program like Amazon's to fill in the gaps in your other programs, so you can offer your visitors a complete line of products.

Tip 3 – Follow the rules
As simple as it may seem, read the rules of the affiliate programs you're part of. Especially pay attention to the license you are granted for use of corporate trademarks, and marketing rules. It's not worth getting kicked out of the program.

Becoming an affiliate marketing expert will take time and effort. Start with above tips, and keep learning and trying new things. Get involved in affiliate marketing forums and learn from the experts. Best wishes to your success!

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