How to become a successful affiliate?

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If you don' t have a list or a website, the best and easiest way to start your home based Internet business is to be an affiliate.
An affiliate, is someone who is selling other' s product.
You will take advantage of the notoriety of the merchant to sell his products, and by the way you will be paid a commission on each  sale you made.
It  is a win win situation, for both you and the merchant.
His product is spread other the web, so he can sell his product to thousand of  ople without spending money to advertise(the affiliates spend money in the different campaigns).
And for the affiliate, he can start his business, or earn an extra income without any product.

Better, in some programs, which are called two tiers affiliate programs, you will be paid on your sales and on your affiliate team's sales.
In this case you will be a master affiliate: the people that you recruited are selling the same merchant products, but you will be able to coach them and you will also earn a commission on all their sales.
That can represent a good monthly  income for you too.
Affiliate  are also called: associate or resellers.
You can promote different programs at the same time, there is absolutely no restriction.

How to be a successful affiliate?
There is three component in your way to win big paychecks at the end of the month:
1/you must have a landing page
2/you must capture the name and email addresses of your prospects
3/ you must follow up by the mean of your auto responder to sell to these prospect other products again and again.
And the best in all that is when you will be able to create your own product, you will already have a list of prospect ready to buy from you.

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