How to market affiliate programs via newsgroups

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How To Create a Steady Stream Of Buyers
Direct from 1000's of NewsGroups"
I don't get flamed when I post to newsgroups. I try my best to provide value in the form of Special Reports! My sales message is embedded within the report or at the end!  

 Newsgroups as they exist NOW are a ripe Gold Mine for ANYONE WHO  
WILL GIVE VALUE FIRST...usually in the form of information reports! In business newsgroups you will stand out from all the foolish scams being advertised. You'll have little competition!  

 A single report posted on a few newsgroups has brought in over 700 leads a week for me recently. That's the difference between giving value and trying to force your message down your prospects throat.  

 When people like you, they buy from you, and the newsgroups have millions of people that can read your messages every day. In some ways I think it's better than direct e-mail. Create many different powerful reports or short articles and post them in as many places as you can. Test placing in more and more newsgroups everyday.  

  If you get flamed  - delete the newsgroup from your 'okay to post in' list!  

 Soon, you'll have a few hundred you can post in without problems. You can pull down some serious money this way. Million dollar companies are quietly being created on the newsgroups right now. Front Porch Computers built a 10 Million A Year business from answering questions and having powerful sig files attached at the end of every message!  

 The contacts I have made and offers that have come out of the blue have been unbelievable and profitable beyond what I expected. A single contact from someone could earn you a fortune. I've had some great deals offered to me without even asking. Also made some great lifetime friends!

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