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A banner or a text link on your website can generate hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars for you! You don’t believe it? You have to. Get an affiliate program signup for free and experience how your income double! Internet marketing is now affiliate marketing. It is the affiliate programs through which merchants are minting money. Become an affiliate marketer and start receiving hundreds of dollars monthly!

An affiliate program is a marketing strategy that a trading site uses to promote its services and products. Trading site makes marketing agreements with other sites about which it feels that its target audience visits these sites. These affiliate sites then post banners and links of the merchant site. When the visitor of an affiliate site clicks a banner or link, it takes it to the original merchant site and the affiliate sites in returns get a fixed commission for it. Affiliates are paid either on per click, per impression,  per lead, or per sale basis. However, pay per lead is most useful among all. In pay per lead, the affiliate is paid when the visitor sent by him signs up for a free trial, e-mail list, or sales call.

Affiliate programs are a great way to make your website profitable and to earn hundreds of dollars. It is a great business that does not involve product development and maintenance cost, client support cost, and order processing cost. It’s a very cost-effective business. The superb advantage of using affiliate programs is that they are free to join. You can run this business both as part-time or full-time.

Affiliate program undoubtedly is a great money making technique. Choose an appropriate affiliate program, promote it properly and tactically, and get a handsome check monthly.

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