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How to Improve Book Sales?

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Have you written a book?  Has your book been published?  How many books have you sold?  The average number of total books sold for a typical book is only 1,000 copies.  This can lead to a loss in profits and drop in your business representation.  How can you avoid a low number of sales?  One key step is to create a quality mailing list.

A quality mailing list is one that has customers with whom you have established a relationship.  Your mailing list can be increased further if you work with another author or several authors.  Working with other authors to create a book allows you to swap lists and promote the book together.  Thus you have access to thousands of new customers.

Another major step is to figure out how you can control the distribution of your book.  You can work with your publisher to find out who they are sending your book to and their contact list.  Be aware, though, that publishers often shy away from giving away free books.  Try to create a deal with your publisher so you can have access to free books.  These free books will be given to select contacts for marketing purposes.

Another key task is to present additional offers with your book.  For example, you can include free reports for book buyers if they go to your website.  These free offers appeal to many customers.  You can even place all these offers on the front cover of your book.

Plan ahead because you will most likely lose money on your book.  Books are a huge investment.  Therefore, the profit from a book should not be the sole source of your income.  In the future, you may live of off royalties, but that would be an idea situation.

Lastly, you need to have your backend components in place.  This means that you have to have an actual business that backs up your book.  A book alone will not keep you afloat.  Do not jump into a new business area with just a book.  You need to be an expert, or have access to an expert, to create credibility for your book.  

Complete these key steps and your book will be well on its way to a #1 best seller.

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