Top 5 Benefits of Having a Home Based Business

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1. The first and foremost major benefit of having your own home based business during the first two to three years is the income tax savings involved. An average family of 4 with 2 teenage children normally save in the area of $2,000 to $5,000 each year.

There is a possibility that you could save much more than $5,000, it all depends on your gross family income. This is all tax free savings and will put this much cash in your pocket come next year at income tax time!

2. Another major benefit is the personal freedom involved. If you need more money, you simply work harder.

3. Time Freedom. What is the most important aspect of life, after health of course? In my is time. All the money in the world is no good to you unless you have time to spend with your loved ones. Most people in the corporate world that are six figure income earners would be happy to take a pay cut in order to spend more time with their friends and families.

4. Less Stress. Being your own boss has it's advantages. If you don't produce, the only person suffering is yourself. There is no-one looking over your shoulder all day and expecting more from you than you can give.

5. The End Result. Instead of your personal creativity putting cash in the pockets of others, you are keeping the "fruits of your own labor".

In summary, if you don't have a home based business of your own you are giving time and money away to others. Can you really afford to do this?

Submitted by John Jarvis

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