What Is The Number 1 Determinant Of Success In Home Based Businesses

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What is the most important factor in your success with a network marketing or MLM type business? In my experience, the most important factor in success in any of these businesses is the person who sponsors you or that you sign up under...

1. What level of success are they having? Can they prove it to you? If they aren't successful, how can they help you? Internet businesses take a lot of knowledge to correctly market and build. Buying leads that are not targeted enough to your business and have probably been sold 3-5 times already is not going to work.

2. If they are successful, is their system duplicatable? Some people are successful but you can't do what they have done. Do they already have a website like WAHM that has thousands of subscribers? or maybe they have a radio show? Or they signed up someone underneath them that has a large percent of there actual success... Or in a lot of cases, they just got in early and everybody signed up under them by default - and you cant duplicate that!

3. Do they have an unlimited budget of money or time to spend on the business that you cant duplicate? If they are just buying their traffic and you can't then they really cant teach you anything...

There are people out there who are making lots of money and are driving traffic to their business with a combination of pay and free resources, but you have to find that person. And then make sure they are truly willing to teach you the ropes and not just tell you whatever it takes to get you signed up into their business.

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