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This morning my alarm woke me up from a great dream where I was hunting with Bill Clinton.  His shiftiness even carried over to outdoor activities within my dreams, which would probably make him a pretty great gal to head for a weekend of hunting and debauchery.  This was totally different from a dream I had with Jimmy Carter, but that’s for another day.  Anyways, I got ready for work, put on my shoes and left.  My shoes are very old.  They’re Doc Martins and the sole is coming undone, so they flap when I walk.  It makes me embarrassed and when I’m around others at work I don’t like to cross my legs because it emphasizes the shoes.  We won’t talk about Docs moving their production facilities from England today (although, I’m sure there’s some quality connection issues that should be considered).  The point is, I hate that.  But, what can I do?  Home based office job…nitz!

If I wised up, I’d do a little bit of research.  And I mean “little” as in slightly more than just kind of thinking about it.  Get myself a home based job mentor (I recently saw something about this honest guy named Todd, that’s up for giving just the right opportunity) and get cracking on not really ever having to get cracking again.

There’s no great explanation needed here.  You know what an office job is; so you know what a home based office job is.  The thing to remember is that for all the variety in job sectors and positions in an office there is a comparable diversity in the home based jobs too.  That’s probably where the research comes in—finding something that’s just right for me.  Then I’m calling the shots.  Including job uniform, which for me might be tube sock (Red Hot Chili Pepper-style) and my lame, lame shoes.

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