Make Money Fast - Become a Magician in Sales

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There are ancient teachings for increasing wealth that few people will ever know.  If you are aware of the secret you may have tried several of the steps.  Perhaps you spent time visualizing what you want, repeating money affirmations.  However what you truly wish for is to make money fast and the results are slow and fruitless.

Perhaps you feel like giving up your quest to make large sums of money and live the life you want.  Do you know something?  It does not matter if you are sell a packet of gum to an island of chimpanzees or if you are selling a product for $997 you can become rich and attract money faster to you by doing things in a certain way.

One of the greatest secrets to attracting money fast is to place a large amount of power behind the intention.  Few people know how to do that and even fewer will use it even if they were told.  You see it’s quite easy, magical and powerful and most people like complicated and confusing.

If affirmations and visualization is not backed by a super natural power it is a hit or miss.  You can yield some of that power by starting to free up your time.

The more work that you take on the more frustrated you get and the more blocked your own energy field will be.

Your intentions need to move through a body that is light, calm and focused.  Energy flows quickly and easily where there is little obstruction.

Can you now see the intense power you can yield by just doing this basic thing?  Yes the more you free up yourself the easier it is to attract money fast.  

You can make money move a lot faster towards you if you will move out of the way and if you learn to increase your energy to outrageous levels.

Everything starts at a subatomic level.  Your desire to increase your sales and attract money faster can only be done at a subatomic level.  That is the tiniest level of energy.

Once you have access to the energy of a thing you can manipulate it to move in the way you like.

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