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Do I Need a Virtual Assistant?

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International virtual staffing agency, Team Double-ClickSM frequently replies to beleaguered prospective clients who ask, “Do I Need a Virtual Assistant?” Gayle and Jim Buske, founders, CEO and CFO, respectively, offer a remarkably straightforward means to answer this critical question.  

Team Double-Click’s recent unveiling of the company’s easy-to-navigate website offers a self-administered quiz entitled, “Fast Quiz: Do I need a virtual assistant?”  Within five minutes, future clients can determine whether internet-based professionals, who provide virtual administrative, marketing and sales support, can indeed contribute to an entrepreneur’s emerging or existing business plan.  

Answering a series of nine thought-provoking questions; one for example, “How often do you work additional hours in the evenings or on weekends just to stay on top of administrative tasks?” business owners select one multiple choice answer; each assigned an individual point value.  Upon completion of all nine questions the allotted points are tallied to determine if a virtual assistant can or cannot be a useful team member to assist in the growth of a future client’s particular business. If determined that a virtual assistant is needed, the quiz further clarifies a recommended number of hours an assistant can be contracted to relieve a business owner of any routine responsibilities, project work and/or on-going; albeit important, time-consuming tasks.  

Another challenging quiz question presented on the website is, “Do your phones go unanswered because you are often out of the office or busy on another line?” This particular question frequently leaves the small business owner wondering how much revenue is truly lost when potentially important telephone calls remain unanswered.

Additionally, Team Double-Click’s all-inclusive website offers a myriad of other customized virtual office assistant solutions for the entrepreneur.  Targeting small business owners, real estate brokers, investors, and agents, visitors to the site can view a task list that a contracted virtual assistant can accomplish in their specified industry.

In a 2006 interview with Kendra Todd, winner of NBC’s “The Apprentice Season 3”, hosted by Gayle Buske, Todd was asked to explain how she eventually determined that Team Double-ClickSM virtual assistants would add value to her rising real estate empire. Todd explained that as her business grew, a business partner eventually approached her and said, “Kendra, you can’t do it all, and you need a virtual assistant”.  Todd added, “I have a very large database with lots of people – a couple thousand people in my database.  It is important for any successful business owner to keep in touch with their clients, and email and ezines are a wonderful way to do that.”  Todd continued, “It’s hard to pick up a phone and call several thousand people and say, ‘Hello, how are you doing?’ but there are some wonderful virtual ways in which to have an intimate relationship with your customers, and so that was one of the reasons why I really needed to get a virtual assistant.”  

Todd has built her real estate team based on the premise that she, “…just want[s] the best people at what they do, regardless of where they are [virtually].” Business owners and entrepreneurs can now determine within a few minutes if a virtual assistant can be a viable addition to a client’s organization and, if so, through the use of Team Double-Click’s virtual staffing solutions website customized tools are available to effortlessly assemble a dynamic virtual team.

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