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Copywriting is an essential element in the marketing of any product. More so, in a shrunken global village. Whether it's online advertising or Offline advertising. A good ad could mean the difference between success and failure of a product. The tips mentioned below will give an insight to a write a good Ad.

Writing a powerful Ads is the key to maximum sales. What is good copy writing? and How to write a good Ad?. Let's see some basics of good copy writing.

Understand Customer:

It is important to understand the intent of the customer and his/her business background. A good understanding helps to find more about the customer's target audience.

The Product:

Complete understanding of the product for writing a copy or ad is very essential from the marketing or advertising point of view. Questions like - What is the product, the benefits, the objectives, the target audience, the medium of advertising, what the surveys talk about, the price and the region of advertising. All these factors are directly linked with the product and it’s advertising.

The target audience:

To understand the target audience, it is imperative to understand the product and which age group the product is being targeted at. Once the age group is narrowed down, the next step would be to understand the psyche of that age group, the region they belong to, tastes, likes and dislikes are some of the factors that need to be considered before coming with a dashing ad.

As the saying goes... "A thousand words don't make an impact as one deed. A poorly written Ad could destroy a good product and an effectively written copy could send the mediocre product sales skyrocketing.

The next time you write a Ad copy consider these factors and you'll copy up with a Killer Ad.

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